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Welcome to Legions of the Night
Since 1998, Legions of the Night has been the official fan community for Midnight Syndicate. This website is a platform to showcase the work of artists that enjoy and/or find inspiration in the music of Midnight Syndicate. If you would like to be included, please contact us.

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Mizfit tha Menace

Mizfit Tha Menace has released his first official album, Audio Horror Story: Season 1, a Horror spoken word album. Through his music, he aims to provide listeners with an experience similar to that of viewing short horror films. This CD is ten tracks, all of which are self composed/produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered. His goal is to always provide content that is both genuine and enjoyable.

"Midnight Syndicate pulls you into the world of the song. They give you the sounds, and those sounds, create your experience. I enjoy the depth of the music they create. A few of my favorite tracks are 'Grisly Reminder', 'Cemetery Gates', and 'Freakshow'."

-- Mizfit tha Menace

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