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Welcome to Legions of the Night
Since 1998, Legions of the Night has been the official fan community for Midnight Syndicate. This website is a platform to showcase the work of artists that enjoy and/or find inspiration in the music of Midnight Syndicate. If you would like to be included, please contact us.

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John Wayne Hawkes

Hawkes Eye Volume One is the first of several mini-anthologies John Wayne Hawkes will be releasing this year. This volume contains three tales which blend horror, action and the occasional not-so-happy ending. Inside you'll meet a father and son hunting a werewolf, an elderly blind man on the last leg of his life's journey, and a Skin Walker who finds himself in the role of vigilante. You can preview the books and find out more at: johnwaynehawkes.com.

I'd recommend Midnight Syndicate to anyone, but especially to writers who like to have music playing while they create. Their unique sound is exactly what you need when you're looking to climb into the depths of your mind and unearth the creations buried there.

-- John Wayne Hawkes

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